EC: Honeywell SmartLine temperature transmitters

Sensors: SmartLine temperature transmitters help plant personnel decipher process temperature data faster and more accurately to increase plant and employee efficiency, while lowering overall lifecycle costs. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

Any field device is designed to gather data, but the true measure of a smart transmitter is its ability to help plant personnel better decipher that data and do their jobs more efficiently. Honeywell SmartLine temperature transmitters were introduced this year to do just that with improved modularity and communication, while lowering the overall lifecycle costs associated with the measurement of industrial process temperatures.

Temperature transmitters are used throughout the manufacturing process, and large industrial complexes often employ thousands of these devices at once. This can lead to high costs for the plant and time wasted for operators managing these devices. SmartLine temperature transmitters improve overall plant and employee efficiency with unique features that provide end users with better performance and superior integration capabilities, among other benefits. Key efficiency-enhancing features include:

  • An advanced graphic display, which shows process data in easy-to-understand formats. As companies are continually doing more with fewer experts, these transmitters help by enabling seamless communication directly from the control room to field personnel.
  • A built-in dual-input and digital output option that minimizes the number of instruments needed for monitoring and switching needs and helps further reduce lifecycle costs.
  • Modularity capabilities so the transmitters can use similar parts between both SmartLine temperature and SmartLine pressure product lines, making it easier to change a part or upgrade devices.

SmartLine temperature transmitters also ensure plant reliability and safety with features like intuitive diagnostics. This diagnostic information, available on the transmitter display, provides a real-time view of the device’s health to support proactive maintenance.

Additionally, unlike most other transmitters, SmartLine temperature transmitters cannot be damaged by reversed loop wiring polarity. This protection simplifies plant startups, in particular, when time and money are often wasted locating and repairing incorrectly wired devices.

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