EC: iMcV-Giga FiberLinX-III Media Converter

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: The iMcV-Giga FiberLinX-III gigabit intelligent Ethernet media converter combines media conversion and fiber switch functionality in a single device. Additionally, it occupies just one slot in a multi-port chassis, making it even more cost effective. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-II reduces the cost of network installations by serving as a copper-to-fiber media converter while including built-in functionality similar to that of a Layer 2/3 switch. And its single-wide form factor allows it to occupy just one slot in a multi-port chassis, thus cutting costs even further.

iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-II supports multiple fiber types including multi-mode and single-mode as well as single-strand fiber, which can effectively double the capacity of installed fiber. It provides bandwidth of up to 1000 Mbps over both the copper and the fiber ports.

iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-II can be used as a central office infrastructure connection, offering Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large campuses a less expensive alternative to traditional fiber switches, as lower cost copper switches can be deployed at both ends of the fiber connection. Administrators can observe the end-points and the fiber link between them as single management entities rather than separate elements. Host management traffic is not visible to the remote or customer network nor is access to the customer network required. iMcV-Giga-FiberLinX-II allows for remote configuration. Additional features include the ability to alert administrators to potential problems on the long-haul fiber run, provide vital information on link condition, allow VLAN and non-VLAN traffic on same port, provide differential priority and bi-directional bandwidth control, and report data traffic statistics.

iMcV-Giga FiberLinX-III may be installed in pairs (Host/Remote) or as standalone units connected to another gigabit device. 

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