EC: Industrial Cellular Gateway

Network Integration — Wireless Products: ProSoft Technology’s Industrial Cellular Gateway not only gives users the ability to monitor remote devices and equipment; it also integrates with EtherNet/IP-based PLCs/PACs by supplying information such as data usage and signal strength. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

The Industrial Cellular Gateway provides secure wireless Ethernet and serial connectivity to your assets over 3G cellular service, including PLCs, RTUs, DCS, instruments, electronic billboards, and communication towers. The gateways have integrated IPSec VPN and Open VPN capabilities, with remote devices accessed using secure VPN tunnels over Internet connections. The gateway can communicate with EtherNet/IP-enabled controllers, allowing you to monitor signal strength, data usage and more. This enables your PLC/PAC system to warn you of pending problems. Your PLC/PAC can send or receive texts so you can remotely monitor alarm information and respond. This gives users peace of mind and can improve their productivity. The gateway’s Integrated GPS allows for location-based monitoring. The gateway supports cellular networks, including 3G GSM, WCDMA, ED-VO, and HSPA+.

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