EC: Intuition Executive

Software - Applications, monitoring: Intuition Executive is innovative software that connects various sources of data throughout a plant and across the enterprise; delivering enterprise-wide information management, decision support and collaboration tools to help companies achieve operational excellence. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Awards Honorable Mention.

By Control Engineering November 12, 2012

It is the law of unintended consequences for many plants today: While they have succeeded in obtaining greater visibility into operations, they also have unleashed a flood of information and data. This information overload is limiting plants’ abilities to make sense of all the data, hindering them from making better business decisions. Companies are drowning in data with dozens of applications and hundreds of spreadsheets needed to manage complex production operations, monitor processes and make operating decisions. Their struggles center on how to move away from complex, custom-designed interfaces to better use data effectively and maintain its integrity.

Working closely with a series of customers to overcome this challenge, Honeywell Process Solutions has developed Intuition Executive software that connects various data sources throughout a plant and across the enterprise to allow companies to make more informed decisions at the right time. Drawing the core of its functionality through semantic data modeling, employees are able to better anticipate, collaborate and act on information. This allows them to detect problems and identify opportunities earlier; access the right data at the right time and share information across business units; and use integrated workflows ensure the right action is taken.

Intuition Executive effectively transforms operations into a "digital plant" connecting people, process and technology for intelligent operations that solve key challenges. The result is improved operational excellence, allowing companies to meet challenges associated with operations monitoring, alarm management, asset management, remote operation centers, and business process optimization.

Built on Microsoft SharePoint, the software leverages a simple, portal-like interface but has unique functionality that supports data collaboration, workflows and visualization not found in a typical portal. Intuition Executive delivers a foundation for unified enterprise-wide information management, moving beyond merely accessing data and transforming it into actionable information with true context.

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