Software — Mobile Apps for Controls, Automation, Instrumentation: ControlSoft's INTUNE+ I&C INSIGHT mobile app for power plants messages diagnostics on process controllers and final elements for corrective action, allowing info drill-down from messages and control hierarchy view to performance indices and process trends. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.
By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

ControlSoft INTUNE+ I+C INSIGHTControlSoft’s INTUNE+ I&C INSIGHT mobile app for power plants informs information and controls (I&C) engineers and technicians of the results of performance diagnostics on process controllers and plant floor final elements.

INSIGHT gives I&C crews the crucial ability to view and access how process variability propagates through various process areas and the control hierarchy.

Unique app features include:

  • Performance diagnostic messages with rich context having embedded hyperlinks on the performance of process controllers and plant floor final elements
  • Process fault root-cause analysis by information drill-down using hyperlinks from diagnostic messages to relevant process performance indices and to relevant process trends focused in relevant time frames
  • Real-time status overview of control hierarchy and drill-down to performance indices from hierarchy view
  • Views of process variability propagation across control hierarchy and process areas
  • Tuning status for DCS PID controllers based on expert system pattern recognition techniques with embedded hyperlinks to process trends focused on relevant time frames
  • Easy access to the color-coded list of all poorly, fairly, and well-performing plant floor final elements
  • Customization and expansion for specific customer needs.

Basic app features include:

  • Browser-based remote access to real-time control valves and diagnostic events of process controllers.
  • Diagnostics message center with filtering and archiving capability
  • View of DCS control hierarchy of all PID controllers reflecting cascading relationships of controllers color-coded for performances
  • Average error and absolute error, standard deviation of error, percent of time in various modes of operation, percent of time in various alarming states, oscillation frequency, valve stiction percent, tune status index, recognized patterns in relevant process trends for control loops and final elements
  • Configurable set of commonly used or user-defined KPIs for controllers and final elements
  • List of available and preconfigured process trends.

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