EC: LioN-R PROFIBUS I/O modules

Network Integration — I/O Systems: Lumberg Automation's I/O Network-Ruggedized (LioN-R) modules allow actuators and sensors to connect to controllers via PROFIBUS-DP, thus ensuring reliable data communication in harsh industrial environments. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.
By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

Belden LioN-R PROFIBUS I/O modulesThe new Lumberg I/O Network-Ruggedized (LioN-R) modules allow actuators and sensors to reliably connect to controllers via PROFIBUS-DP, thereby enabling an increase in the productivity of machines and systems.

The LioN-R modules combine mechanical stability with functional reliability:

  • Fully enclosed metal housings withstand welding sparks, filings, aggressive coolants and lubricants, while fulfilling modern requirements for on-machine mounting.
  • The galvanic isolation of the sensors and actuators from the higher-level bus system, as well as through short-circuit proof outputs, protects from interference.
  • A simple diagnostic concept allows faults to be located quickly, due to precise channel and bus diagnosis, and guarantee maximum machine uptime.
  • Standardized M12 connection technology reduces the time and effort required for installation, maintenance and storage, while ensuring quick and simple expansion.

The LioN-R modules are designed primarily for use in mechanical engineering. Typical applications include metal processing, material handling, welding lines, and automated systems, such as those in food and beverage applications. Because the modules ensure high productivity, they offer system manufacturers a competitive edge.

Thanks to the new ruggedized modules in the LioN-R family, PROFIBUS installations can now benefit from this extremely robust input/output technology, which has already set standards with Profinet and Ethernet/IP for reliable and secure data communication in harsh environments.

Lumberg Automation, a Belden brand,