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Process Control - analysis, optimization, tuning: Control Station Inc., PlantESP actively monitors the performance of a production facility's PID controllers, facilitating the isolation and correction of underperforming regulatory control systems by providing essential loop diagnostics and recommendations for corrective action. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) nominee.

November 1, 2010

PlantESP actively monitors the performance of a production facility’s PID controllers, facilitating the isolation and correction of underperforming regulatory control systems. In addition to identifying control loops that are in need of tuning, PlantESP also alerts users to performance issues related to a plant’s mechanical final control elements and its process limits. Central to PlantESP’s value are features that provide timely plant-wide analysis, customized communications, and actionable recommendations for reestablishing effective control. Developed specifically for small-to-midsized process manufacturers, PlantESP is highly scalable and is capable of monitoring and analyzing thousands of PID controllers simultaneously.

The software allows each registered user to configure alert and report settings to match their individual responsibilities, changes in production goals, or other job-specific criteria. Beyond the notification of negative performance trends, PlantESP prescribes corrective actions for further root-cause analysis or for process adjustments. PlantESP is a secure, web-based application that can be accessed through the end-user’s Intranet. It accesses process data directly from a production facility’s existing data historians and Historical-OPC servers.  PlantESP places minimal demand on a plant’s limited IT resources. The solution evaluates individual controller performance against a collection of essential metrics and relative to user-defined performance benchmarks. 

Metrics that are proven to accurately evaluate controller tunings as well as determine the health of final control elements, including stiction analysis, are among those included in the PlantESP solution. Interaction analysis is performed using Power Spectrum and simplifying the isolation of upstream loop interactivity. PlantESP’s introduction offers process manufacturers a highly valuable means for enhancing the performance of their existing automation investments. With its ability to analyze thousands of individual PID loops as well as to assess their interactivity and recommend corrective action, PlantESP is the ideal solution for improving overall process performance and plant profitability.

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