EC: PumpSmart MV

Process Control Systems: An Intelligent medium voltage variable speed pump controller with dynamic curve visibility. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

PumpSmart Control Solutions have the ability to control or monitor medium-voltage (MV), higher energy process pumps. With the proven history and logic development, PumpSmart MV provides more than amps and speed of the process pump—it provides real-time pump operation, such as flow, NPSH margin, percentage of best efficiency point, and actual operating point on the curve.

Real-time diagnostics of the pump system display on an easy to use touchscreen dashboard or can be transmitted back to the main distributed control system (DCS). Each pump is monitored to provide actual feedback of flow, pressure, temperature, percentage of best efficiency, or NPSH margin.

Pump protection and predictive monitoring
Protection and warning against process upsets is critical for larger kW pumps and processes. It is even more important to monitor the pump operation and give the operators more time to make critical decisions. With PumpSmart MV it will provide more visibility into the operation of the pump (not just the motor).

Multi-pump control – load balancing
PumpSmart logic has the ability to monitor or control multiple pumps while operating in parallel or series piping plans. Multi-Pump operation for MV systems is now easier to use and manage with PumpSmart. The patented and proven logic of PumpSmart evenly balances your process pump during minimum and maximum loads, while keeping the pump close to best efficiency. Many years of pumping experience, engineering and application knowledge allows PumpSmart to automatically:

  • Stage (on) and de-stage (off) during various load conditions
  • Alternate pump work based on run/operating hours
  • Fault back up for each pump
  • Maximize efficiency/energy of each pump
  • Operate pumps only when required
  • Operate up to eight pumps
  • Eliminate control valves
  • Protection for each pump and auto changeover
  • Integrate into plant DCS for operations.

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