EC: QuickDAQ 2013

Software - Applications: QuickDAQ 2013 offers out-of-the-box measurement data support. The ready-to-measure application software allows the user to configure, acquire, log, display, and analyze data from any of Data Translation's more than 150 DAQ modules. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 17, 2013

QuickDAQ 2013 is a ready-to-measure software package designed for data acquisition applications. This software allows you to acquire and display data from all Data Translation USB and Ethernet DAQ devices and to be productive right out of the box. It can accommodate a wide variety of sensor types and various throughput speeds for both OEM’s and end-users. QuickDAQ 2013 allows customer to use one application software package to meet many measurement needs with no software changes. Data can also be exported to other applications like Microsoft Excel and The Mathworks MATLAB for more advanced analysis. QuickDAQ 2013 ships free and two additional options can be purchased to add advanced FFT analysis capabilities to the base package. 

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