EC: Rosemount 3051 Wireless Pressure Transmitter

Process Control - Process sensors: The Rosemount 3051 wireless pressure transmitter combines all the features and benefits of IEC 62591 WirelessHART with the industry standard Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter for a trusted, proven, and cost-effective wireless solution. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice award winner.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

Emerson Process Management makes it easier for the process industry to maximize productivity and reduce downtime by incorporating industry leading Smart Wireless technology into the world’s most popular pressure transmitter—the Rosemount 3051.

The Rosemount 3051 wireless offering delivers a full suite of pressure, flow, and level solutions providing the process industry with a new option for monitoring additional assets, reducing energy costs and increasing process efficiency while providing a safer environment for its employees. Delivering maintenance-free performance with 5-year stability and a 10-year power module life, it is an effective and reliable way to wirelessly monitor assets and reduce downtime. The Rosemount 3051 also includes a new light-weight, flame retardant, and ultraviolet stabilized engineered polymer housing.

Increasing the number of measurement points provides increased insight into the process and helps optimize operations, improve worker safety, and reduce emissions, yet many assets go unmonitored due to cost constraints. The Rosemount 3051 wireless solutions significantly reduce installation and configuration time allowing any operation to stay within budget and monitor more points, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations. Realize 40% to 60% reduced infrastructure costs with no conduit, marshaling cabinets or junction boxes. Decrease labor costs by adding new points in hours rather than days.

With the Rosemount 3051 wireless pressure transmitter offering, users have been able to automate oil and gas fields faster and gain valuable insight to remote operations. Facilities are reducing operator rounds and improving personnel safety by reducing exposure to remote locations, hazardous gases and extreme weather. Plants are cost effectively monitoring utilities including flow and pressure in compressed air, steam and water systems to benchmark energy usage, identify energy saving opportunities and provide accurate internal billing.

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