EC: Secure Gigabit Routers

Network Integration - Ethernet hardware: Gigabit speed Ethernet router with firewall security functionality, integrated digital I/O outputs, built in 3G/UMTS connectivity for global access and multipoint VPN tunneling all on one small package. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

Weidmuller new Gigabit Routers deliver what industrial machine builders and network engineers have requested. The new Gigabit Routers provide the ability to communicate with machinery and systems from almost anywhere in the world.

The routers offer ultimate performance via Gigabit performance on both Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN) to harnesses the benefits of standard Ethernet communication and industrial automation technology.

Fully integrated routing features such as firewall security functions (e.g. NAT masquerading) provide the connected machine components are reliably protected against unauthorized access. Additional features include the prioritization and channeling of network data traffic, IP address mapping to reduce IP addresses and the adjustment of IP address areas.

In addition to their high-performance security features, Weidmuller’s Gigabit routers offer integrated VPN remote maintenance allowing secure Internet-based remote access to components and systems on the LAN network—either via the WAN port or wirelessly via the UMTS/3G interface. The "OpenVPN" open source technology and "IPsec" encryption can also be used for secure VPN connections, for both the client and server function.

Weidmuller’s routers combine all of the industry leading features such as firewall security, worldwide wireless access via a UMTS/3G connection, Gigabit performance plus the unique feature of digital I/O’s for alarms or data triggers.

Offering a wide operating voltage range of 7 to 36 Vdc and low power consumption, the new Gigabit routers are ideal for battery/mobile applications. They are approved for real-time automation and information management systems and come with "Industrial IT Enabled" certification along with worldwide safety approvals like CE and cULus.;jsessionid=573B7304547A9060995F1F780C213B74?groupId=(%22group1432190522951%22)&page=Group