EC: ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Process control – Flowmeters: Fluid Components International's all-new ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter is an advanced, high-performance and process adaptable gas flowmeter for use in all process and plant gas flow measurement applications in pipe diameters from 1 in. (25 mm) to 100 in. (2500 mm). This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

November 18, 2011

Fluid Components International’s (FCI’s) ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter incorporates all-new, state-of-the-art electronics with  best-in-class thermal flow elements and FCI precision calibration, and new rugged, high-integrity enclosures. This future-ready direct mass gas flowmeter provides users with accurate, comprehensive process information and is installation-adaptable. Features include:

  • The only triple variable, flow, temperature, and pressure thermal flowmeter available
  • A comprehensive choice of analog and digital bus communications:
    • Triple 4-20mA outputs
    • Frequency/pulse
    • Relays
    • HART (Version 7)
    • Foundation fieldbus
    • Profibus-PA
    • Modbus
  • Adaptable to a user’s change in process communication strategy. User’s site convertible between any of the outputs listed above.
  • First product certified by Foundation Fieldbus to meet its advanced diagnostics criteria
  • USB port and Ethernet, with pre-assigned IP address, included
  • Unique two-sensor systems
    • Averaging for improved accuracy in larger line-size applications
    • Discrete sensors multiplexed by single common transmitter save cost on instruments, wiring runs, and bus comm nodes
  • Complete user’s information display:
    • Digital/analog/graphical, backlit LCD with:
      • Continuous display of all process measurements
      • Alarm status and diagnostics indicators
      • User writeable field for tags, location, process name, etc.
  • Patented VeriCal in-situ calibration verification option
  • Ex-agency approvals on complete instrument
  • Unique optically activated button panel—there is no need to open the enclosure, decommission the area, or expose to weather to engage
  • Multiple sensor element designs optimized user applications
  • On-board data logger utilizing removable micro-SD card stores 21,000 readings.

Fluid Components International

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