EC: U-Remote

Network Integration - I/O systems: The U-Remote is a completely new distributed I/O solution that supports up to 64 hot swappable slices/cards that support 16 wire (4 sensors) with pluggable connectors that need no tools to install all with self configuring software. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

Weidmuller’s U-Remote is a completely new and innovated from the bottom up distributed I/O solution. It uses the best features available today combined with several new technologies. The base system is an IP20 platform that support all of the popular industry communication protocols with the ability to add additional I/O specific cards. This is where the basics end.

The new uRemote I/O add-on slices/cards support 16 wires (4 sensors) and can be added without any tools, auto-configure themselves with the controller, are hot swappable for easy upgrades/repairs, use PushIn connection technology for super fast installation, and have tri-colored LED’s at each port and on each card for fast status monitoring.

In addition to these features, each four wire connector is pluggable and each set of connectors for each card is pluggable. This lets machine builders users have premade cables harnesses to shorten installation time and reduce wiring errors.

An integrated web server speeds up installation as well as provides real time network access up to 64 I/O slices/cards connected to just one field bus coupler. The field bus coupler autosenses each I/O card and configures automatically or a user can log into software via a network port. Another advantage is the configuration software is free of charge.

Each slice or card is only 6.1 mm wide making the entire system one of the smallest available in the worlds. These and many other unique features ensure a smooth running process from planning to operation. Weidmuller’s formula: "More Performance. Simplified. U-Remote."