EC: VTScada 11 HMI software

Software — HMI Software: VTScada is an open architecture SCADA/HMI software for use in process and telemetry applications. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice award winner.
By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

Trihedral VTScada 11 HMI softwareTrihedral believes creating great SCADA and HMI applications should be easy. VTScada 11 was designed to make you productive in one hour, with instantly intuitive tools and a unique architecture that integrates all core SCADA components in a single, easy-to-use package. This unified approach ensures critical SCADA/HMI functionality remains tightly integrated and always synchronized regardless of scale and geographical network distribution.

Built for telemetry and process applications of any size, VTScada supports any combination of standard (and many proprietary) field devices, PLCs and RTUs. Support for more than 2 million tags, capacity for an unlimited number of thick and thin clients, and backward compatibility between versions allows applications to grow and scale without costly redesign.

The product’s new integrated development environment, the Idea Studio, provides an instantly familiar drag and drop interface for creating stunning professional displays that automatically adjust for any aspect-ratio. In just minutes, configure server redundancy, alarm notification, distributed redundant historians, thin client access, slippy-map overviews, communication drivers and reusable tag templates and widgets. Enterprise-level and multi-plant deployment is now enhanced with support for full display graphics on all HTLM5 compliant hand-held devices and an M2M communications package supporting OPC, ODBC, web services and SNMP connectors.

The core of VTScada 11 is its integrated Application Version Control system, which automatically maintains a traceable, encrypted repository of all configuration changes. The system provides tools for network-wide change deployment, rollback and reversal of individual changes while delivering military-grade tamper-proofing at the application level.

Finally VTScada’s new multi-format Historian provides leverage in data storage selection, allowing users to maintain redundant, real-time synchronized storage in any combination of geographically separated historians of mixed formats (Oracle, SQL, MySQL and VTScada file DB.)