Editorial Calendar 2002

By Staff December 27, 2002

2002 Editorial Calendar
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January – May 2002 June – September 2002 (incl. Mid-June) October – December 2002 (incl. Mid-December)

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= North American and European editions January
Closes 12/10/01
Closes 1/10/02
Closes 2/11/02
Closes 3/11/02
Closes 4/10/02
Cover Story Special report: controllers Internet in manufacturing 15th Annual Control Engineering Editor’s Choice Awards Integrator registration Return on investment for fieldbus
Process & Advanced Control Cover: Special Report on controllers: survey and trends Electronic records and regulatory compliance
Instrumentation & Process Sensors Contact temperature sensing Course aggregate bulk level sensing
Software Cover: Internet in manufacturing
Machine Control & Discrete Sensors Discrete sensors for manufacturing
Human-Machine Interface XML/OPC programming Wireless, handheld operator interface
Motors, Drives & Motion Control Motion control trends study and supplement
Embedded Control Special Report-Controllers: application guidelines
Networks & Communications Safety networks Cover: Justify investments in fieldbus installations
System Integration Integrator Update Cover: Integrator registration program
Product Focus Research Reports (Control Components) Networking Data acquisition Terminal blocks Process sensing/
Power supplies
Back to Basics Power conditioning and isolation Insulation displacement, Wiring technology Photoelectric sensors Valve calibration Slip rings/rotary joints
Trade Show Distribution/Coverage Embedded Systems Conference
(March 11-14; San Francisco, Calif.)

National Manufacturing Week
(March 18-21; Chicago, Ill.)

Sensors Expo
(May 21-23, San Jose, Calif.)
Embedded Systems Conference
(June 3-6, Chicago, Ill.)
Ad Cards/Product & Literature Showcase Ad Cards Closes 12/10/01 Showcase Closes 1/10/02 Ad cards Closes 2/11/02 Showcase Closes 3/11/02 Ad Cards Closes 4/10/02
Ad Studies Harvey Ad-Q Study Harvey Ad-Q Study

Closes 5/10/02
Closes 6/10/02
Closes 6/17/02
Closes 7/10/02
Closes 8/12/02
Cover Story Electric servos Embedded control Vision Systems Integrating control and safety
Process & Advanced Control Control system redundancy Frequency domain Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide

Complete listings of control and automation vendors.
Search, update listings online at
www.controleng.com/ buyersguide

Uniting batch systems and Six Sigma Cover: control and safety in process applications
Instrumentation & Process Sensors Pressure sensing Sensors
Software SQL databases
Machine Control & Discrete Sensors Cover: Vision systems
Human-Machine Interface
Motors, Drives & Motion Control Cover: Electric servos
Embedded Control Cover: Embedded control Object-based automation
Networks & Communications Ethernet hardware Augmenting ‘veteran’ networks (Serial, 3-20 mA…)
System Integration System integrator application Integrator Update Integrator Update
Product Focus Research Reports (Control Components) I/O Devices Sensors for discrete manufacturing PLCs/Programmable controllers AC adjustable speed drives
Back to Basics Gain scheduling Motion control standards Humidity sensing Safety relays
Trade Show Distribution/Coverage Sensors Expo
(Sept. 24-26, Boston)
Ad Cards/Product & Literature Showcase Showcase Closes 5/10/02 Ad Cards Closes 6/10/02 Showcase Closes 7/10/02 Ad Cards Closes 8/12/02
Ad Studies Harvey Ad-Q Study

Closes 9/10/02
Closes 10/10/02
Closes 11/11/02
Closes 11/22/02
Cover Story Adaptive control Robotics HMI/SCADA software System integrator project methodologies
Process & Advanced Control Cover: Adaptive control Control valve intelligence Control Engineering Automation Integrator Guide

Complete listings of control system integrators, plus applications and more.

Search, update listings
online at

Instrumentation & Process Sensors Ultrasonic flowmeters
Software Internet in process control
Machine Control & Discrete Sensors Cover: Robotics
Human-Machine Interface Cover: HMI/SCADA software
Motors, Drives & Motion Control Chip-based motor/motion control Medium-voltage motors (>1kV)
Embedded Control
Networks & Communications
System Integration Integrator Update
Product Focus Research Reports (Control Components) Control valves Handheld test and measurement Operator interface devices
Back to Basics Sequential function charts Network connectors Network diagnostics
Trade Show Distribution/Coverage ISA Show
(Oct. 21-24, Chicago)
Embedded Systems Conference
(Nov. 18-21, Boston)
Ad Cards/Product & Literature Showcase Showcase Closes 9/10/02 Ad Cards Closes 10/10/02 Showcase Closes 11/11/02
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Control Engineering Buyer’s Guide/Integrator Guide www.controleng.com CE Europe
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