Electrically programmable resistors are now in SOIC8 form

By Control Engineering Staff June 9, 2006

Microbridge Technologies Corp. announces availability of standard-product Rejustors in SOIC8 (small-outline integrated circuitry) packages. Microbridge Rejustor is said to be the world’s first electrically programmable resistor used to solve analog compensation problems in the analog domain. Rejustors are analog resistors, user-programmed to a fixed resistance with high precision and stability. They can be adjusted hundreds of times and maintain the last adjusted state even when stored for extended periods. After trimming, these passive devices require no power to hold their value.

Rejustors are available (two per package) in dual configurations for immediate shipment in sample quantities. Available products include:— MBD-472-ASOC – Dual 4.7 kOhm Rejustor;— MBD-103-ASOC – Dual 10 kOhm Rejustor; and— MBD-153-ASOC – Dual 15 kOhm Rejustor.

MBK-408 and Matchbox trimming tools help. The MBK-408 performs in-circuit trimming, adjusting the resistance of the Rejustor to meet a desired target. Matchbox is used to trim the Rejustor to a specific resistance. Microbridge provides National Instruments LabView-based Rejust-it software to facilitate adjustment. Rejust-it software can be integrated with other instruments running LabView to automate the trimming process. Applications include resolution of compensation problems in temperature sensors, catheters, precision voltage-references, and optical components. The technology help with electronic calibration and conditioning, eliminating workarounds, such as digital and analog potentiometers, laser trimming, and digital conditioning.

This transition into volume production ‘is an important stage in the development of Rejustors,’ says Les Landsberger, chief technology officer and co-founder of Microbridge Technologies. “We can demonstrate the Rejustor as a viable solution for real-world problems;” it’s ready for integration into semiconductor and MEMS (microelectromechanical system) processes, he adds.

Microbridge expected to provide trimmed Rejustor samples at Sensors + Test in Nuremberg, Germany, May 30 to June 1, 2006; and at Sensors Expo 2006 in Chicago June 5-7.

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—Edited by Mark T. Hoske , Control Engineering editor in chief