Electro-Matic plans Aug. 24 Web seminar with Brad Harrison

Electro-Matic Products Inc. plans to hold a Web-based seminar at 10-11 a.m. on Aug. 24.

By Control Engineering Staff August 5, 2004

Electro-Matic Products Inc . plans to hold a Web-based seminar at 10-11 a.m. on Aug. 24. The event will feature Electro-Matic’s automation partner, Brad Harrison, which will focus on recent changes to National Fire Protection code NFPA-79-2002. This is the section of the National Electrical Code (NEC) that focuses on electrical wiring standards used with industrial machinery, and the impact it has on machine wiring practices.

These code changes will allow users to implement, such as Brad Power, to reduce installation time, save on labor, and increase modularity of their machine designs. It is now possible to deploy connection systems, such as Woodhead’s Brad Power products, which offer an error-free, modular, and expandable soft wiring installation.

Wiring industrial machinery for power applications is no longer limited to conduit alone. Using dual rated STOOW and TC/Open Wiring-rated cordsets allows users to install a trunk line along a machine’s structure and drop power to field devices. Brad Power round connection systems for power distribution feature an over-molded connector head to provide NEMA 6P and IP67 industrial ratings for harsh demanding environments and are UL 1977 recognized.

Some of the Brad Power product features and benefits include:

  • Truck and drop wiring that provides scaleable, modular wiring solutions;

  • Tees and reducing adapters that provide flexibility and modular wiring options;

  • Pre-wired, molded components that eliminate concerns over incorrect wiring;

  • Receptacles that offer a quick connect interface to your device or cabinet;

  • Installs without raceways or conduit; and

  • Faster commissioning of industrial machinery.

To sign up for Electro-Matic’s Web-based seminar on Brad Power connection systems for power distribution, contact Alicia Martinez at 248-615-3929.

—James Montague, news editor, Control Engineering, jmontague@reedbusiness.com