Electrolytic scale, corrosion prevention aids pumps, cooling towers, boilers

By Control Engineering Staff June 11, 2002

Fenton, Mo. – To meet demands for a pollution-free, environmentally safe, non-chemical alternative to scale and corrosion elimination, Scale Free International (SFI) launched May 30 what it report is a unique, patented water treatment process.

Based on more than 30 years of chemical-free water treatment experience, SFI’s new water treatment technology uses an engineered application of various metals placed so that the greatest amount of dynamic electrical energy will be collected and grounded. As a result, this non-chemical, non-magnetic technology removes the cause of scale formation, pitting and corrosion in energy-transfer systems.

The company adds that its patented process also eliminates FDA and EPA restrictions and legal liabilities associated with the handling, storage, and shipment of toxic chemicals.

Applications expected to benefit from SFI’s technology include cooling towers, chillers, boilers, hot water storage tanks and other energy-transfer systems.

Control Engineering Daily News DeskDave Harrold, senior editor dharrold@reedbusiness.com