Embedded motors: Micro motor mounts on a circuit board

By Control Engineering Staff January 11, 2007
UP10’s micro-motor fits onto a printed circuit board like any electronic component.

UP10 has developed a modular piezo-ceramic micro-motor with off-power hold and fast and precise positioning. According to the company, it can be integrated easily into many applications, especially those for control and regulation, at a cost similar to conventional dc motors.

The piezo-ceramic motor is direct drive, so it needs no gears. It resembles a clutch, and the motor can be turned without causing any damage to itself. Other useful properties are that the motor is non-magnetic and it need not contain any metal parts. Apart from the piezo-ceramic material, it can also be made out of conventional materials such as FR4 (printed circuit boards) and polymers.

The piezo ceramic motor is designed for applications requiring limited use of space, silent operation, precise positioning, or off-power hold. Its functionality is based on a travelling wave with a frequency in the range of 40 kHz that is excited by a number of piezo ceramic elements mounted on the stator. The amplitude of the wave is in the micro meter range. According to the company, the rotor rotates with only a fraction of the speed of the travelling wave, as only a very small movement is induced by friction from the stator to the rotor.

For more information, visit the company’s Website at www.up10.dk .

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Edited by C.G. Masi , senior editor