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Embedded system benefits in mechanical, automotive applications

Embedded vision technology has the potential to transform how the automotive, consumer electronics, robotics, and semiconductor industries work.
By AIA November 24, 2018
Courtesy: CFE Media

Embedded vision technology is prevalent in a number of different industries across the world. While it’s relatively new, embedded vision has become an important part of the automotive, consumer electronics, robotics, and semiconductor industries. Each of these industries could be transformed by embedded systems and represent some of the largest markets for embedded vision technology.

Embedded vision in the automotive industry

Embedded vision is primarily used in the form of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The push for autonomous vehicles will produce rapid short-term growth for the industry. Embedded vision technology will become a standard part of vehicles in the near future, driving massive market growth.

Embedded vision in consumer electronic applications

Courtesy: CFE Media

Courtesy: CFE Media

The consumer electronics industry uses embedded vision systems in the end product such as front- and rear-facing cameras in mobile devices. It may also be included in TVs, PCs, lighting systems, heating systems, and more.

Embedded vision in robotic applications

The robotics industry uses embedded vision systems  to enhance robotic capabilities and allow robots to see and respond to variables in their environment. This makes these robots far more flexible and cost effective than their “blind” counterparts. From inspection to pick and place applications, embedded vision systems are becoming an essential part of industrial and collaborative robots.

Embedded vision in the semiconductor industry

Embedded vision technology is used for essential inspection and metrology functions for manufacturing semiconductors and is helping these manufacturers meet needs for increased throughput while helping reduce soaring design costs. As demand for semiconductors grows, embedded vision technology will experience growth in-step because of the productivity it creates.

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