Emerson expands simulation capability of its Ovation control system

Scenario simulation portfolio adds Virtual Engineer capabilities in a single desktop unit.

By Control Engineering Staff February 4, 2009

New engineering tool offers power generators a convenient, cost-effective solution for building, testing, and verifying control logic and process graphics without impacting ongoing plant operation.

Emerson Process Management has released Scenario Virtual Engineer, which combines simulation, virtual technology, and its Ovation expert control system within a single desktop computer. The company says the software provides power generators with tools to build, test, verify, and download process graphics, control logic, and process point databases without impacting plant operation.

Virtual Engineer consists of a single PC workstation loaded with Ovation engineering, operator, and database server software, as well as the Ovation Developer Studio configuration and simulation tools. Because this workstation supports virtual controller technology, up to 20 Ovation controllers can be virtually duplicated within this one Microsoft Windows-based workstation.

With this capability, power generators can duplicate and load select processes or their entire control system onto a single workstation that can be located anywhere in the plant or on the corporate campus. The platform executes the plant’s control logic, algorithms, and control timing directly in the Windows operating system. Users can easily develop tie-back simulation to verify controls and graphics, and simulate digital point feedback including on/off or open/closed status.

With the tools, Ovation users can test control logic for new plant equipment or processes prior to loading it on the live control system. Or they can modify and evaluate existing control strategies, correcting issues before they impact plant operations.

“The Scenario Virtual Engineer is essentially a virtual test bed,” explains Bob Yeager, president of the power and water solutions division of Emerson. “With this new tool, users can modify existing control strategies and validate their operation on a virtual platform, without risking the reliability of their live control system.”

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, PWelander@cfemedia.com ,
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