emWare delivers remote device management

Salt Lake City, Utah - emWare announced the availability of its full suite of DeviceGate products.

By Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor December 11, 2001

Salt Lake City, Utah – emWare announced the availability of its full suite of DeviceGate products. DeviceGate products are self-contained gateways that offer manufacturers a way to add remote management capabilities to both new and legacy electronic devices.

‘DeviceGate products greatly improve service, productivity and profits by providing affordable remote management of device information that previously was not available,’ said Richard Baxter, sr. vp Global Design Services for SMTC, a provider of electronics design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing services to OEMs worldwide. ‘Whether our customers have five or fifty thousand devices to manage, emWare’s DeviceGate products will enhance our ability to quickly provide the device networking and remote management solutions that best meet their needs. ‘

‘Companies in all industries – from utilities, vending and building automation to home and commercial appliances – are looking for new ways to save money and resources,’ said Michael D. Nelson, ceo and co-founder of emWare. ‘Adding remote management capabilities to devices can be one of the fastest, most effective ways for companies to cut service costs while improving customer satisfaction.’

The DeviceGate Product Family

The DeviceGate product family represents the next-generation application of emWare’s Embedded Micro Internetworking Technology (EMIT) software, which allows device manufacturers to network-enable their products. The family consists of three products – DeviceGate-W, DeviceGate-S and DeviceGate-E:

DeviceGate-W – a hardware and software solution, equipped with wide-area network paging and modem transports and 900 MHz wireless device subnet communications, for adding wireless remote management and data collection capabilities to multiple new or legacy devices without requiring any new wires.

DeviceGate-S – a hardware and software solution similar to DeviceGate-W that is designed to provide network connectivity to products already equipped with RS232 or RS485 communication capabilities. The DeviceGate-S gateway connects to a device via a serial line and to the client application via modem over a wide-area network.

DeviceGate-E – software and hardware embedded gateway platform with the capabilities to support standard RS232 and RS485 as well as legacy device subnet transports, TCP/IP, and modem wide-area-network communications.