Enterprise: OSIsoft Facility Monitor achieves SAP certification

OSIsoft announced that its Facility Monitor 1.0 packaged composite application has achieved “SAP xApps Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver” status.

By Control Engineering Staff June 14, 2007

Atlanta — At Sapphire ’07 Atlanta, SAP’s international customer conference being held April 22-25 here, OSIsoft announced that its Facility Monitor 1.0 packaged composite application has achieved “SAP xApps Certified– Powered by SAP NetWeaver” status. As part of OSIsoft’s core PI System, Facility Monitor will expose real-time data from the system via enterprise services for utilization in automated metering infrastructure (AMI), energy management, emissions management and condition based maintenance (CBM) applications.

OSIsoft Facility Monitor 1.0 runs on the SAP NetWeaver platform and is built with the SAP Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) tool Release 7.0. The certification was achieved by demonstrating that Facility Monitor meets all of the technical and business criteria established by SAP for its SAP xApps Certified status. Today’s announcement was made

As a member of several SAP IVNs , OSIsoft has been collaborating with SAP and its partners and customers on the development and implementation of enterprise services, leveraging the SAP NetWeaver platform and supporting SAP’s vision for enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA). Through these efforts, information can be more easily consumed by applications that support SAP NetWeaver– like Facility Monitor, which provides plant or asset information in context for use in composite applications built with the SAP 
NetWeaver Visual Composer.

“For more than 25 years, OSIsoft has delivered on a promise to provide the most advanced and secure way to manage real-time information,” says Maureen Coveney, vice president of marketing, OSIsoft . “By working with SAP, we have been able to help our mutual customers extend the value of in-place investments to better access and use their data. We view the achievement of Facility Monitor as SAP xApps Certified as validation of our efforts in finding better ways to help customers store, retrieve and make sense of the data that is critical to running their business.”

Facility Monitor allows enterprises to monitor and manage real-time operations data and ERP software transactions so corporate initiatives such as condition-based maintenance, quality analysis, real-time production costing and event management can be realized more quickly. Enterprise services cross applications, platforms and organizational boundaries to drive operational efficiency for customers by providing comprehensive visibility into live data, key performance indicators and critical asset information.

“SAP xApps Certified solutions such as OSIsoft Facility Manager enable continuous business innovation and provide customers with the flexibility to respond quickly and profitably to business change, while leveraging and protecting existing IT investments,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, global vice president, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, SAP. “By certifying solutions that complement the SAP xApps family of composite applications, we continue to deliver to our customers innovative and flexible solutions built on SAP NetWeaver that provide end-to-end business processes for solving concrete business problems.”

—Edited by Renee Robbins, Control Engineering