Ethernet protocol approved as China standard; test center certifies first product

EtherCAT industrial Ethernet protocol was recently approved as a national standard in China, and its North American testing and certification center approved its first product.

By CFE Media November 10, 2014

EtherCAT recently has been made a national standard in China and has its own North American testing and certification center.

Dr. Wei Sun, representative of the Standardization Administration of China, announced in Beijing that EtherCAT is a national technology standard GB/T 31230 in China. Further commenting on this declaration Professor Ji Huan from Beihang University explained how CNC machines benefit from EtherCAT.

Huan said, "Besides the performance, I see the main advantage of EtherCAT for Chinese users and implementers alike being the excellent support that the technology enjoys in China. Training classes and workshops, sample code, documentation, and implementation support, as well as test and certification services, are readily available." 

EtherCAT test center issued its first conformance test certification

In mid-2014, the newly opened North American EtherCAT Test Center issued its first certified product: the RMZ Multi Loop Temperature Controller released by Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company. The certificate was issued during the sixth meeting of ETG’s Semiconductor Technical Working Group. Florian Haefele, an ETG representative presented the certificate to Stan Breitlow, Staff Software Engineer at Watlow.

Haefele said, "Awarding the first North American ETC conformance test certificate to Watlow represents a significant kick-off and stresses the importance of the new North American EtherCAT Test Center to the semiconductor and industrial equipment industries."

EtherCAT was introduced in 2003 and has been an international IEC standard and a SEMI standard since 2007. EtherCAT is an open Ethernet technology, the governing organization noted, as anyone can implement or use it.

– Edited by Eric R. Eissler, associate editor, CFE Media, Control Engineering,


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