Ethernet protocols used for industrial applications, governing organizations, URLs

List of protocols, governing organizations, websites, and other useful URLs and articles from Control Engineering follows, with a table of industrial Ethernet protocols.

By Mark T. Hoske September 1, 2011

Organizations in charge of Ethernet protocols used for industrial applications continue to add value through protocol extensions and updates, related networks, and gaining support of various network vendors and manufacturers.

Check each organization’s website for the latest information about capabilities of industrial Ethernet protocols and related industrial networks and extensions. See bottom of page for additional industrial Ethernet article links from Control Engineering.

Table of Ethernet protocols
Ethernet protocols Governing Organizations URLs
BACnet BACnet International 
CC-Link IE CC-Link Partner Association 
EtherCAT EtherCAT Technology Group  
Ethernet Powerlink Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group 
EtherNet/IP ODVA 
FL-Net (OPCN-2) Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association 
Foundation HSE Fieldbus Foundation 
Mechantrolink III Mechatrolink Members Association 
Modbus TCP Modbus-IDA 
Profinet and Profinet IRT PI North America 
SafetyNet Safety Network International e.V. 
SERCOS III SERCOS North America, Sercos International 
SynqNet Synqnet Interest Group 
TCP/IP and UDP (native) Internet Engineering Task Force 
VARAN VARAN Bus Nutzerorganization 

Source: Control Engineering, CFE Media, 

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