Ethernet transducer eases configuration and control

The ReadyLink EtherNet/IP enabled position sensor is designed with a network interface that requires one network connection for configuration and control.

August 12, 2014

The ReadyLink EtherNet/IP from Ametek is designed with an EtherNet/IP network interface that requires only a single point network connection for configuration and control. ReadyLink uses magnetostrictive technology to provide non-contact feedback. The LDT supports Line, Star or DLR topology. The ReadyLink is a smart device featuring a RapidRecall network configuration module and a built-in web page to aid in the configuration of the LDT. A static IP address can be assigned via the web page or by using three rotary DIP switches to set the last octet manually. The Gemco ReadyLink LDT offers active measuring range of up to 300 in, and power supply voltages ranging from 7 to 30 V dc. All units feature visual and output signal diagnostic feedback and use standard off-the-shelf cord sets.


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