‘Expert system’ tool at MotionInfo.com adds technology benchmarking feature

By Control Engineering Staff July 27, 2006

Ability to objectively compare the performance of your electric motor products (and related equipment) to that of the competition is vital to many companies. However, the process can be time-consuming and subject to bias if done by the same team that designs and markets these products. Now MotionInfo.com has teamed up with Incremotion Associates—a notable consultancy and market research firm in motion control—to offer a technology benchmarking service, based on its recently launched “motion-intelligent expert system” ComponentSelector. The independently conducted, rigorous service reportedly improves on in-house benchmarking and also is less costly. [MotionInfo.com is the Web version of Motion Tech Trends (MTT) ].

With the new benchmarking service, a company’s products are analyzed and ranked against selected products of competitors, using motion-intelligent expert system ComponentSelector (and its underlying database), developed by MotionInfo.com.

“The benchmarking process is different from the usual‘search by spec’ function of ComponentSelector, which identifies a ‘best match’ product—optimizing size, performance, and anticipated cost,” says George Gulalo, president of MTT. “To benchmark, ComponentSelector is modified to determine the best designed and performing product on an absolute basis.”

(For more about ComponentSelector expert system tool, see Control Engineering April 2006 Discrete Control Monthly E-Newsletter )

How it works, user benefits

Benchmarking Analysis ExampleCustomizing the Basic Benchmarking ProgramChoose 3 Competitors Choose 8 Parameters (Only 3 Shown)Set Analysis Envelope: Brushless PM Motors NDFeB Magnets Diameter >76mm and & 102 mm
Results Table Rank % Based on All Parameters Parameter 1 Spec AParameter 2 Spec BParameter 3 Figure-of-Merit 1
Competitor C Product X 95% xx.x xx.x xx.x
Your Product P 86% xx.x xx.x xx.x
Your Product L 82% xx.x xx.x xx.x
Competitor A Product Y 72% xx.x xx.x xx.x
Competitor C Product Z 51% xx.x xx.x xx.x
MotionInfo.com’s benchmarking service employs user-selected parameters—specifications, figures-of-merit, and an analysis envelope—to analyze a company’s electric motor products and rank them against those of selected competitors.

Participation is simple. A user selects the competitors, sets the analysis envelope, and specifications and figures-of-merit on which to make comparisons.

Then, benchmarking delivers an objective analysis, comparing all desired products (user’s and selected competitors’) against the aggregate of all technical parameters, as well as an analysis of each parameter individually, explains Gulalo. “All products are objectively ranked, best performer first. Anomalies, extremes, exceptions and caveats—often based on the art of‘specsmanship’ are discussed and explained,” he adds.

According to the developers, benefits of the service include ability to:

  • Reduce product development time and cost. Know with high degree of certainty and objectivity where you are versus the competition. Products are ranked strictly on how well specs meet desired values. No personal biases introduced.

  • Quickly develop and confirm clear product technical performance goals.

  • Reduce product cost by eliminating “over-design” tendencies.

  • Enhance the perception of your customers, sales channel partners, employees, management, and investors about your company’s technical competitive position.

  • Access to vast experience of technologists at MotionInfo.com who review and evaluate all generated data.

For more about the benchmarking service, click here .

Frank J. Bartos , executive editor, Control Engineering