ExxonMobil extends use of simulation software

By Control Engineering Staff November 10, 2005

Invensys Process Systems has signed a perpetual license agreement with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company to provide its SimSci-Esscor dynamic simulation software, DynSim, to ExxonMobil’s worldwide downstream affiliates. As part of this agreement, Invensys is ExxonMobil’s preferred operator- training simulator provider. Invensys has also extended its long-term license agreement with ExxonMobil to provide its SimSci-Esscor process simulation, heat transfer, and flow network modeling software to ExxonMobil affiliates worldwide.

These new agreements provide for the standardization of SimSci-Esscor Sim4Me steady state and dynamic process simulation software for new and existing plants and facilities throughout ExxonMobil worldwide affiliate locations. The agreements add the use of DynSim for dynamic engineering studies, the use of TriSim Plus for control system checkout of Triconex control logic, and the use of DynSim software and project implementation services for the development of operator training simulators. The agreements also provide for the continued long-term use of the Pro/II for steady state simulation and design, HexTran for heat exchanger network design and analysis, InPlant and Visual Flow for fluid flow network and flare system analysis, and PipePhase and NetOpt for multi-phase fluid flow networks analysis and optimization.

—David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering dgreenfield@reedbusiness.com dgreenfield@reedbusiness.com