Fabrico and Pyron develop unique solar technology

Triad floating solar concentrator photovoltaic system ensures proper orientation of the photovoltaic cells to the sun's rays.

By David Greenfield February 23, 2010

Fabrico, a provider of design andmanufacturing services for flexible materials, has been working with engineersfrom Pyron Solar to solve materials challenges for the Triad floating solarconcentrator photovoltaic (CPV) system. Triad solar systems float on water,ensuring proper orientation of the photovoltaic cells to the sun’s rays. In theTriad CPV system, water acts as huge passiveheat sink to decrease cell temperature and increase the efficiency of the solarcell.

For its part in the project, Fabrico manufactured foampanels that give buoyancy to the Triad system, facilitating orientation of thesystem. Fabrico’s ability to convert foam materialsto a very tight specification allows Pyron’s tracking system to maintain anaccurate fix on the sun.

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-Edited by DavidGreenfield , editorial director
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