Fed up? MCAA wants smoother product certifications

By Control Engineering Staff April 24, 2007

Williamsburg, VA —There’s a growing disconnect between the business practices of third-party product testing laboratories and the needs of instrumentation companies and their customers, according to the Measurement, Control & Automation Association . And MCAA members plan to do something about it.

“Member companies have noted that while product design and life cycles have shortened, the third-party approval process has become increasingly complex, expensive, and time consuming. Acting on the belief that the Association can be a catalyst to bring the parties together in a process intended to enhance the competitiveness of member companies, the Association is proposing a one-day conference to be held between July and October 2007,” according to MCAA.
Representatives of each testing laboratory will be asked to attend along with MCAA members, with the purpose of minimizing delays and unforeseen expenses. “Similarly,” says Cynthia A. Esher, MCAA president, “members will have the opportunity to air issues with regard to communication, delays, and rising costs, and see whether these laboratories can develop a better business plan with regard to the products of our industry.”

Processes, timeliness, costs, and training related to certification are cited among the “particularly vexing” issues that members expect to address at the planned one-day meeting.

—Edited by Mark T. Hoske , editor in chief,
Control Engineering Weekly News
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