Fiber-optic cables and sensors for industrial applications

Carlo Gavazzi's FA1 Fiber-Optic Amplifier and the FUT and FUR fiber-optic cables are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications and are designed for flexibility.

By Carlo Gavazzi March 3, 2016

Carlo Gavazzi’s FA1 Fiber-Optic Amplifier and the FUT and FUR fiber-optic cables are designed for a wide variety of sensing and industrial applications.

The FA1 Fiber Optic Amplifier features an adjustable signal level, selectable response time, and multiple timer functions. It also has, UL508 approval, which gives it the flexibility required in industries such as semiconductor and packaging. It also features two 4-digit LED displays simplify programming, and provide excellent feedback for monitoring application set-up, troubleshooting, and operation. Features include two 4-digit LED display for signal/threshold levels, adjustable sensitivity via an intuitive 3-way switch, and different timer functions

The FUR fiber-optic cables are designed for reflective applications, and the FUT fiber-optic cables are designed for through beam applications. Extended range, right angle head, and multiple sleeve options are also available. Bendable sleeves provide a means to extend the fiber or direct the light beam in installations with unusual mounting restrictions. Features include reflective and through-beam types, over-molding protection and straight or angled sensing heads. 

Carlo Gavazzi 

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