Five reasons to appreciate the new site

Think Again: Website redesigns can cause user discomfort, but you’ll like the new Control Engineering website in five major ways.

By Mark T. Hoske November 20, 2018

The world changes quickly, and there’s some measure of comfort in things that don’t change too often. Without disrupting the same high-quality Control Engineering content, we’ve adjusted the look, navigation, and other features at to better serve subscribers and visitors. The new website should make it easier for engineers to find and access educational information that will help them better perform in their jobs.

Control Engineering developers and content and production specialists are targeting a December migration to a new web platform, which will include:

1. More logically organized content in page design, navigation bars (top and bottom), and nested topics to display articles and other favorites, such as webcasts, research, New Products for Engineers, Global System Integrator Database, Digital Reports, and CFE Edu online training courses.

2. More convenient mobile access with automated content adjustment (using HTML5) appropriate to screen size of the device used.

3. Better search engine: Faster finding with less looking results from better search tools applied to our vast well of content. Results can be sorted by author, content, topics, types, with most recent results first.

Search results are better at the newly redesigned Control Engineering site,
Courtesy: Control Engineering, CFE Media

4. Faster loading pages: Content is optimized to facilitate faster loading of content from our servers to your devices.

5. Integrated access: Multiple content types can be displayed on the home page (and will be more easily identified, with appreciated print-like conventions).

We regularly think again about how to serve you better. Let me know how we’ve done. (With this new platform, we also can more easily make adjustments to suit your needs.)

Mark T. Hoske, content manager, Control Engineering, CFE Media,


We’ve upgraded the Control Engineering website. Navigation has improved, and familiar shortcuts remain.

Author Bio: Mark Hoske has been Control Engineering editor/content manager since 1994 and in a leadership role since 1999, covering all major areas: control systems, networking and information systems, control equipment and energy, and system integration, everything that comprises or facilitates the control loop. He has been writing about technology since 1987, writing professionally since 1982, and has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from UW-Madison.