Flowmeter for custody transfer, wastewater applications

By Control Engineering Staff August 29, 2006

Marsh Multi-Mag flowmeter from McCrometer is said to install in minutes without shutting down the system and removes easily through standard valves..

Hemet, CA— Marsh Multi-Mag flowmeter from McCrometer measures liquid volumetric flow rates in pipes from 4 to 120 in. (101.6 mm to 3 m) with a streamlined multi-point technology that creates only negligible pressure loss. It is also available for 1-, 2-, and 3-in. taps.

Device uses an insertable electromagnetic averaging design to achieve accuracy up tooutput is gavanically isolated and programmable for zero and full scale. Dual alarms are fully programmable for high/low flow rates, percent of range, empty pipe, forward/reverse, and polarity (NO/NC).

Transmitter enclosure is NEMA 4X/IP65 approved for harsh operating environments. Flowmeter is suitable for a range of applications that includes custody transfer, filter balancing, filter backwash, water treatment processes, distribution management, and wellhead flows. It reportedly is accurate in such difficult conditions as low flows, wide flow ranges, flows containing sand and grit, vertical pipes, and locations near bends and elbows.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk Jeanine Katzel , senior editor