Flowmeter: New magmeter for tough municipal, industrial water applications

By Control Engineering Staff November 16, 2006

Flow measurement in municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications can be a dirty job with wide flow ranges, solids content, and poorly configured piping. All these make accurate readings difficult at best. The new Marsh Multi-Mag from McCrometer reportedly is designed to thrive in these environments, delivering volumetric flow accuracy of

The Multi-Mag inserts into existing piping from 4 to 120 in. dia, using a probe to take velocity readings at multiple points in the stream. This method profiles the flow, averaging variations in velocity for increased accuracy. The output is 4-20 mA, with a transmitter-mounted readout. The probe measures liquid velocity over a range of 0 to 20 ft/s., with internal capability to translate this into a flow value based on pipe size. Since it does not have its own ‘spool section,’ the unit can operate on more than one pipe diameter and can be installed with minimal disturbance of existing piping.

McCrometer says the design is ideal for applications such as custody transfer, filter balancing, filter backwash, water treatment processes, distribution management, and well head flows. It offers dual alarms, programmable for high/low flow rates, percent of range, empty pipe, forward/reverse polarity, and others. The transmitter is rated NEMA 4X/IP65 with separate termination and electronics compartments for safety.

Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Peter Welander , process industries editor