Foxboro’s Coriolis flowmeter aids filling system measurement

Foxboro, MA; Dewbury, U.K.—Foxboro Measurements & Instruments division of Invensys Process Systems recently used its advanced digital Coriolis technology to help Mount Packaging Systems Ltd. develop and implement its automatic short-batch, rapid filling systems.

By Control Engineering Staff June 7, 2005

Foxboro, MA; Dewbury, U.K.— Foxboro Measurements & Instruments division of Invensys Process Systems Mount Packaging Systems Ltd.

Based on initial testing andts quality target range, and offers systems with quick dynamic response to consistently handle small batches and eliminate product waste.

Over the years, Mountent technology as an improvement area for continuous quality enhancements.

One of these conventional measurement methods is volumetric piston filling, which ishe end of each fill, which is time consuming and causes spillages that can lead to erroneous readings.

To overcome these limits, Mount’s developer experimented with conventional Coriolis flow measurement technology, but had mixed results. “We tried traditional Coriolis meters, but they didn’t

While conventional Coriolis meters were very accurate with steady flow in longer batches, they lacked responsivity to rapid flow changes during the course of short batches. Moreover, when used with viscous fluids like paint, even small levels of gas in liquid, such as in two-phase flow, tended to skew the Coriolis readings.

Beaumount subsequently learnedflow meter re-tunes the drive frequency of the Coriolis flowtubes every half cycle. Built-in algorithms also compensate digitally for inaccuracies resulting from two-phase flow.

Mounta PLC, which counts them, and is programmed to actuate the shut-off valve when the target fill weight is achieved.

Consequently, Mount reports that it’s

In additon, CFT50’s

“This technology has huge potential and we’re looking forward to taking it out to all our customers,” adds Beaumont.

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