Free is good: VisualLink flowmeter software

By Control Engineering Staff October 5, 2005

Flow Technology Inc.’s new VisualLink flowmeter programming software is designed for turbine flowmeters. It employs FTI’s high-performance LinearLink and LinearLink Temperature Compensated Interface (TCI). The software simplifies flowmeter programming, eliminating the need for manual-calibration data entry.

With Microsoft Windows 2000/XP-based VisualLink software, flow-rate data points from FTI .SAV flowmeter calibration files can be uploaded directly to the LinearLink and LinearLink TCI systems. Users no longer type complex calibration information into a personal computer, and then download the data to their flowmeter electronics. The software also makes it easy to arrange units of measure and header information when programming a flow measurement system.

On request, Flow Technology customers can receive an electronic‘.SAV’ file of their flowmeter calibration data for use with VisualLink software to program the LinearLink or TCI units. Future plans are to allow customers access to download their flowmeter calibration files directly from FTI’s Web site. Unlike other manufacturers’ programmingsoftware, VisualLink does not need manual input of a long list of calibration data points.

Designed for use with all types of turbine flowmeters, LinearLink reportedly is a high-performance system that redefines the methodology for optimum linearization. Based on measuring the pulse time between turbine rotor blades. LinearLink can output real-time, corrected K-factor flow-data with an accuracy of

VisualLink flowmeter-programming software can be downloaded free of charge from the Flow Technology Web site until Apr. 1, 2006. The software will be available for $100.00 following the introductory period.

—Control EngineeringRichard Phelps, senior editor,