Gateway enables M-bus measuring devices to be monitored

HMS Industrial Networks' Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP gateway is designed to decode data from measuring devices to be monitored from Modbus-TCP networks.

By HMS Industrial Networks March 10, 2015

The Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP gateway by HMS Inudstrial Networks is designed to decode M-Bus telegrams and maps meter values to Modbus registers. Mapping and configuration is done in a web-based configuration tool allowing the user to set up the gateway without any programming. It is possible to connect up to 20 M-Bus slaves and enable them to communicate on a Modbus-TCP network. M-Bus is acommunication standard for measuring devices. It is used for electricity meters, gas meters, water meters or other meters that detect consumption. By getting data from these measuring devices onto a PLC or SCADA system, users can get a total overview of their energy consumption, including building parameters. The M-Bus gateway can be paired with an Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP, making it is possible to connect M-Bus devices to most industrial networks including EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Profinet, and CANopen.

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HMS Industrial Networks is a CSIA member as of 3/5/2015