Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit held in China

The summit was held along with the 2014 Product of the Year Award, Engineers' Choice Award, and Control Engineering China's System Integrator Giants in Shanghai. The event also marked Control Engineering’s 60th anniversary. Also see: Global chemical industry needs integrated engineering.
By CFE Media January 8, 2015

The award ceremony for Control Engineering China Product of the Year was held as part of the Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit China. Courtesy: Control Engineering ChinaControl Engineering China and Plant Engineering China held the first Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit China (GAMS China) the Radisson Hotel in Pudong Century Park, Shanghai. The event was held in collaboration with leading suppliers in the industry on Nov. 5, 2014. Approximately 500 people from various manufacturing industries attended the event. ALSO see: Global chemical industry needs integrated engineering.

With the rapidly diversifying and changing market in China, the summit aimed to help manufacturers achieve continuous success in the changing context. According to the presenters at the summit, manufacturing enterprises must focus on improving product design, research and development (R&D), production, information reform, energy efficiency optimization, supply chain management, and service diversification to cope with the rigorous challenges of the market.

Five hundred people attended the Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit China. Courtesy: Control Engineering ChinaThe exhibition at the summit demonstrated new technologies and new trends in the fields of digital R&D, design, intelligent manufacturing, automation, energy efficiency management, and service.

The 500 attendees included plant managers, purchase managers, control engineers, R&D and design engineers, and industrial experts from the petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, food and beverage, engineering machinery, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy resources, energy saving and environment protection, power, light industry machinery, and transportation and logistics industries, as well as senior managers of automation suppliers and factory equipment suppliers.

Speakers in the CEO salon in the morning session of the Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit China examine trends in manufacturing automation. Courtesy: Control Engineering ChinaGAMS China was divided into two parts, morning and afternoon. In the morning session, representatives from Baidu, Rockwell Automation, Process Management, and Zhejiang SUPCON gave lectures on "Big data of intelligent manufacturing: Big data stimulates commercial reform," "Industrial interconnection of intelligent manufacturing: Interconnected enterprises," "Process industry innovation of intelligent manufacturing: Universal measurement and integrated control opens up new page of automation," and "Practice strategy of intelligent manufacturing."

There were three technical subforums in the afternoon session. During the sub-forums, attendants carried out detailed studies and discussions on the upgrading and optimization of intelligent manufacturing control systems, industrial network infrastructure, intelligent interconnection systems, and intelligent equipment and high-performance drive mechanisms.

The crystal ball is unveiled for the Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit China event. Courtesy: Control Engineering ChinaThe event also celebrated Control Engineering’s 60th anniversary. The Chinese edition celebrated its 10th anniversary in November 2013. The CEO of CFE Media and publisher of Control Engineering, Steve Rourke, travelled to Shanghai to celebrate the event with relevant personnel in the automation industry in China.

The award ceremony for the 2014 Engineers’ Choice Awards was also held during GAMS China. The best products for this award were selected by the voting of 500 anonymous readers chosen by Control Engineering China. Sixteen products received the best product award and 24 products were selected as editor-recommended products. In addition, three manufacturers obtained awards for Control Engineering China System Integrator Giants 2014. The winners of the 2014 Product of the Year were also announced.

Steve Rourke, CEO and co-founder of Control Engineering, delivered a speech at the event. Courtesy: Control Engineering China– Edited by Joy Chang, digital project manager, Control Engineering,, from an article supplied by Control Engineering China. 

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