GSE Systems ships D/3 version 11.0 process automation system

Columbia, MD—GSE Systems Inc. began shipping Dec. 3 a new version of its D/3 process automation system.

By Control Engineering Staff December 10, 2002

Columbia, MD— GSE Systems Inc. al-time process control and simulation solutions for the process and energy industries.

D/3 version 11.0 improves operational efficiency by eliminating nuisance alarms, which are distracting and time consuming for operators. This process automation system also eliminates wasted time on process interruptions by allowing users to control the importance of each alarm based on the process state, and then only focus on designated high-priority alarms at any given time. As with previous versions, D/3 11.0 will control and automate process plant operations, so users can improve manufacturing safety, throughput and consistency, while achieving cost reductions and profit improvements for their companies.

Earlier this year, GSE released D/3 Compact, which it developed for smaller automation projects. These typically have fewer field devices to be controlled, but require the same level of functionality that D/3 delivers. D/3 Compact offers the process control, including S88 application support and data acquisition capabilities, of a classic distributed control system at PLC prices. D/3 Compact lets users start with less than 200 I/O field devices, and expand to 100,000 points or more if needed.

‘Our new features are focused on improving our customer’s return on investment. Plant managers want more performance out of their assets, including the operations staff,” says Dion Freedman, GSE’s senior vp for process automation. “The intelligent alarming features and other benefits we’ve added to D/3 allow operatord to do more in the same amount of time. This efficiency improvement has a direct, bottom-line impact.’

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Jim Montague, news editor