Hand-held remote controller for networked load banks

Asco Power Technology's Sigma LT networks up to 25 load banks using industry-standard CAN bus communications protocol and can monitor all networked loan banks from up to 800 ft away.

By Asco Power Technology March 30, 2016

Asco Power Technology’s Sigma LT hand-held remote controller networks up to 25 load banks using fast and industry-standard CAN bus communications protocol. Operators can monitor and control all networked load banks, or a single unit in the network, up to 800 ft away. The capability to vary, accept or reject load on a single unit within a network is available. Single-unit control allows data centers to simulate hot zones to determine how an HVAC system reacts to temperature changes at specific server rack locations.

A 4.3-in. color touch screen on the remote controller displays 3-phase voltage, power, current and frequency readings, and selected load. Data logging and statistical data can be downloaded to a USB flash. The on-board controller features toggling for 3-phase voltage and load selection, metering, local and remote operation and operational mode, and a connection for the remote controller and other load banks. Safety features in either mode of operation include over temperature and over voltage protection.

ASCO Power Technology


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