Harting, Krohne develop outlet for office/factory connection

Elgin, IL—Harting and Krohne report that they’ve jointly developed a user-friendly, forward-looking "Industrial Outlet" to serve as a link between office and plant areas that are often becoming part of the same integrated communication system..

By Control Engineering Staff July 20, 2004

Elgin, IL— Because office and plant areas are becoming part of the same integrated system with secure communications between computers and production machinery, Harting and Krohne report that they’ve jointly developed a user-friendly and forward-looking “Industrial Outlet” to serve as a link between such equipment.

The outlet has Push-Pull interfaces, and can connect harsh factory environments and office building networks. Harting specializes in industrial interconnection, while Krohne specializes in telecommunication and network connections. The outlet offers IP 67 protection, even when the patch cable is disconnected. Punch-Down Blocks are used to make the connection of the installed cable without special tools and in compliance with ISO/IEC 11801:2002. For easier assembly in production areas, cables can be fed from the top or bottom of the outlet.

In addition, the outlet’s integrated cable guide automatically guarantees correct cable positioning and ensures Cat 6 compliance with the minimum minimized cable bend radius. Quicker installation, aided by the outlet, saves time and money. The outlet’s Cat 6 performance guarantees a future-proof investment. Despite its small dimensions, the outlet has two Cat 6-ports for Harting’s RJ Industrial Push Pull connector, which is reported to be one of the world’s smallest RJ 45 connectors with IP 67 protection.

Harting adds that it offers comprehensive support for a full range of connectivity solutions, such as industrial Ethernet devices, industrial connectors, engineered cable assemblies, and industry-standard printed circuit board connectors, as well as a wide range of solutions for automation technology, transportation and power applications.

Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jim Montague, news editor