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High-resolution camera features digital interface

5 MP progressive scan camera with GigE Vision digital interface joins the new Jai Inc. 3-tier C3 Camera Suite. See machine vision resource guide, below.

By Control Engineering Staff December 11, 2008
5 MP progressive scan camera with GigE Vision digital interface joins Jai Inc.’s new 3-tier C3 Camera Suite.

5 MP progressive scan camera with GigE Vision digital interface joins the Jai Inc . 3-tier C3 Camera Suite. Available in two versions—BM-500GE (monochrome) and BB-500GE (raw Bayer color)—the high-resolution units are built around the Sony ICX625 2/3-in. CCD sensor and equipped with a standard GigE Vision digital interface. Features include a sequence trigger mode that allows the user to pre-define on-the-fly changes to gain, shutter, and/or region of interest (ROI) settings for a repeating sequence of up to 10 consecutive triggers. Versatile, flexible mid-range camera is said to offer outstanding thermal management and pre-processing for optimal sensor operation and high quality images. Applications include printed circuit board inspection, automotive parts inspection, glass inspection, traffic enforcement, fruit sorting on broad conveyer belts, and facial recognition at security checkpoints. Analog front-end design enables the unit to operate at 15 fps with 5-MP resolution. Partial scanning and binning modes are also provided for increased flexibility and performance. The camera includes programmable general purpose input/output ports (GPIO) for flexible connection with external factory automation equipment such as PLCs.
Jai Inc.
– Edited by Jeanine Katzel , consulting editor
Control Engineering News Desk
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