HMI hardware: Control panels feature DVI/USB extension

By Control Engineering Staff October 12, 2006
CP69xx “Economy” control panels from Beckhoff Automation feature a new design that lets panels be installed distances of up to 50 m economically.

CP69xx “Economy” control panels from Beckhoff Automation feature a DVI/USB extension said to allow devices to be installed at a distance of up to 50 m as standard. Maximum distance for conventional DVI/USB connections is 5 m. Extension technology has allowed distances up to 30 m but at higher cost.

Beckhoff says that although its CP technology enables control panel extension ranges of up to 100 m, the market trend for many panel applications is toward technologies such as DVI (for image transfer) and USB (for input devices such as touchscreens and keyboards). The CP69xx extension transfers graphics signals directly over a DVI cable a maximum distance of 50 m while the USB signal is transferred to a CAT 5 cable to extend the 5 m limitation of USB cabling to the same 50 m maximum distance. For distances up to 5 m, the PC and the control panel can be connected directly using a USB cable.

Panels come with standard aluminum frames with IP protection at the front. They are designed for manufacturers and machine builders as displays for HMI, production data acquisition, operation and monitoring, or information panels. Units are available with 6.5-, 12-, 15-, or 19-in. TFT display with touchscreen or touch pad options. Panel can be used as a monitor without a keyboard, or users can select membrane keypad models, some with full alphanumeric keyboards.