HMIs: Rugged, instrument-grade-glass on projected capacitive touchscreens

Sensors resist cleaning fluid contamination and pointing device works with a gloved finger. 

By Control Engineering Staff November 13, 2008

Densitron’s utra thin ultra light glass ITO metal frame projected capacitive touch sensors resist contamination by harsh cleaning fluids and other noxious substances and reportedly provide excellent readability. The pointing device works with a gloved or ungloved finger, and activation force is approaching 0 grams on the glass cover lens.

The ITO metal film technology employed in Densitron’s DTS413 series sensors offer benefits to traditional users of resistive and surface capacitive technologies who want projected capacitive technology (PCT) in a 5.7″ or smaller format. Unlike other touch technologies, the Projective Capacitive Sensor component is behind the glass front cover lens for protection, providing a durable 7 Mohs hardness glass front construction. It also offers significant protection against a range of physical, mechanical and chemical abuse in demanding applications like hand held instrumentation and medical and electronic instruments.

The product line supports screen sizes of 3.2″, 3.5″, 4.3″ and 5.7″. 3.5” is available for engineering sample immediately, and custom sizes and cover lenses are available. Operating systems supported include Windows 98SE, NT, ME, 2000, XP, XP-E, CE and custom embedded.

Densitron Corp. is based in Santa Fe Springs, CA

– Edited by Renee Robbins , senior editor
Control Engineering News Desk
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