Honeywell ISA100.11a-ready wireless radar gauge

Honeywell wireless radar tank level gauge increases flexibility, lowers installation costs by capturing wide range of tank measurements. It also measures temperature, pressure, water, and overfill.

August 13, 2009


Honeywell released the first ISA100.11a-ready wireless radar gauge that helps process manufacturers monitor tank levels and prevent hazardous incidents in their plants and terminals, the company said Aug. 11. The FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge improves operator awareness by capturing a wide array of tank measurements and quickly transmitting them via the OneWireless network to control rooms . This reduces overall operating costs and improves safety by eliminating the need for manual data collection, Honeywell says.

The gauge is the latest addition to Honeywell’s growing OneWireless family of industrial wireless solutions for the process industries. Based on equipment compatible with the ISA100.11a standard, OneWireless networks can simultaneously accommodate multiple wireless protocols and thousands of field devices ranging from transmitters and gauge readers to mobile handheld devices and RFID tags.

In addition to level measurement, the FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge can track temperature, pressure, water and overfill. This eliminates the need for multiple gauges and transmitters, which reduces installation costs and increases flexibility by enabling new measurements without additional wiring. The gauge also has passed the highest accuracy and security standards set by The Dutch Weight and Measurement (W&M) authority, a key designation for the device to be used for loading and unloading tank liquids from ships and trucks. In addition to meeting the Dutch standards, the gauge has been submitted for review by W&M authorities in several other countries.

"Terminals today are striving for more efficient production, which means operators need more information and diagnostics from the field to better understand how their assets are functioning," said John Joosten, radar and safety product manager, Honeywell Enraf. "The FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge enables plants to easily obtain this information, making the device an ideal solution to increase uptime, efficiency and safety for facilities with challenging infrastructures."

Honeywell FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge

– Edited by Mark T. Hoske, electronic product editor, MBT