Honeywell launches Process Knowledge System-based architecture

Phoenix, Ariz. - Honeywell Industry Solutions introduced on April 8 its new Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). The company says Experion PKS is a revolutionary approach to business, process and asset management that includes 30 years of Honeywell's industrial expertise into a unified, robust PKS architecture.

By Control Engineering Staff April 11, 2002

Phoenix, Ariz. – Honeywell Industry Solutions introduced on April 8 its new Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). The company says Experion PKS is a revolutionary approach to business, process and asset management that includes 30 years of Honeywell’s industrial expertise into a unified, robust PKS architecture. Experion PKS will integrate, control and monitor complex processes in many industrial settings, including refineries, pharmaceutical, power, chemical, pulp and paper and printing mills.

Experion PKS provides an integrated platform for Honeywell’s complete Process Knowledge Solution, which manages process knowledge using a combination of advanced technologies, industrial domain expertise and Six Sigma methodologies to secure untapped results that can’t be achieved with traditional control or field system architectures.

Experion PKS contains distributed control, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Abnormal Situation Management, asset management, and information management technologies, which are paired with Honeywell’s process experience and results-generating tools to improve processes and optimize production to achieve economic targets. Knowledge-driven decision support and diagnostics tools embedded with Experion PKS can help plant and mill staffs to focus on improving profitability, rather than on routine process operations.

‘Experion PKS offers a solution for customers to manage knowledge faster and easier to realize measurable profitability and productivity results based on Process Knowledge Solutions that are driven by decades of applied Honeywell technologies, customer relations and innovative work processes,’ says Terry Sutter, Honeywell Industry Solutions’ president. Experion PKS’ distributed control features include a complete continuous, logic, sequential, and drive object-oriented control environment hosted on fully redundant controllers. Other key features include native web technology-based operating displays and casual user environment, a comprehensive history suite, easy-to-use tools, and device integration including FOUNDATION fieldbus. Using open, wireless technology, Experion PKS also makes plant information available to remote personnel using handheld devices. Also, Experion PKS’ Digital Video Manager turns video feeds into plant sensors. Scalability is virtually limitless, even across geographical boundaries, with Honeywell’s patented Distributed System Architecture technology.

The company adds that Experion PKS goes beyond distributed control system (DCS) technology to facilitate knowledge sharing and workflow management that optimizes work processes, improves routine maintenance efficiencies, and resolves process issues. Experion PKS integrates asset management tools, such as a powerful control loop assessment tool that provides non-invasive, systematic, identification of controller problems. These types of diagnostic tools, available even with older non-digital field devices, make troubleshooting more efficient, which gives engineers more time for higher-value activities. Experion PKS also includes integrated plant-wide history and data analysis, together with a plant-wide infrastructure for managing alerts.

Incorporating expert knowledge from the Honeywell-led Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium, Experion PKS’ operating environment integrates alarm, event and alert management tools. These tools provide operators with the knowledge needed to avoid incidents, or respond intelligently to incidents that diminish asset availability, profitability and productivity. Standard display object libraries implementing ASM principles are included. Applying ASM Consortium guidelines has been proven to increase operator awareness, decision-making abilities and responsiveness, reducing operator-related incidents by as much as 40%, according to Honeywell.

Experion PKS also continues Honeywell’s practice of providing investment protection for its existing users, and extends this protection to non-Honeywell system users. Operational integration capabilities offered by Experion PKS enable customers using Honeywell’s TPS, TDC3000, TotalPlant Alcont and PlantScape systems to easily operate their installed base together with Experion PKS’ expansions in a unified manner. Data, alarms, events and trend history can all be viewed in a common environment between these systems and Experion PKS. Non-Honeywell and DCS installed base customers can be easily integrated to Experion PKS using the OPC data, alarm and event suite.

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Jim Montague, news editor