Honorable mentions for 2011 Engineers’ Choice Awards

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By Control Engineering February 23, 2011

Engineers' Choice Award 2011 Honorable Mention logoMachine and motion control, controllers

Machine and Embedded Control – machine vision

Machine and Embedded Control – PACs – tie

Machine and Embedded Control – PACs – motion

Machine and Embedded Control – PLCs

Motion Control – drives

Motion Control – motors

Motion Control – robotics

Motion Control – servo drives

Engineers' Choice Award 2011 Honorable Mention logoNetworks, power, process

Network Integration – data acquisition, integration

Network Integration – Ethernet hardware

Network Integration – I/O systems

Network Integration – signal conditioning/diagnostics

Network Integration – wireless

Network Integration -wire, cable, cordsets, connectors – tie

Power – monitoring, protection

Process Control – analysis, optimization, tuning

Process control systems

Process Sensors – flowmeters

Process sensors – other

Engineers' Choice Award 2011 Honorable Mention logoSafety, hardware, software

Safety sensor

Safety System Software

Safety controller

Hardware – Handheld testing, calibration

Hardware – HMI, operator interface, displays

Hardware – industrial PCs – tie

Hardware HMI – bar code and ID readers

Software – application software

Software – connectivity, integration software

Software – design, simulation, diagnostics

Software – HMI software

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