How well do users understand wireless networks? Questions asked of experts shed some light

Wireless networks have been around for years now, but are they as common as some might expect? Understanding of how they work is beginning to seep through, but users are still asking basic questions. Video: Two wireless discussion panelists offer their thoughts.

By Peter Welander December 8, 2015

Wireless networks and wireless instrumentation has been around for many years now, and you probably have multiple wireless devices around your house. But are industrial users embracing the technologies? Some are, some aren’t. There are still lots of questions.

At the ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium in Houston (Nov. 9-12, 2015) there were many sessions on wireless technologies. One was a panel assembled to discuss various issues and answer questions from users. Two of the panelists, Dr. Peter Fuhr (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) and Herman Storey (Herman Storey Consulting) discuss what they see and hear, and how the issues affecting acceptance only partially technical.

– Peter Welander is contributing content specialist, Control Engineering, CFE Media,