I/O Devices Monthly Product Focus Study, May 2003

Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Control Engineering subscribers’ applications and needs regarding I/O devices.

By Control Engineering Staff June 10, 2004

•Among those specifying, recommending, and/or buying I/O devices, 80% do so for in-plant requirements, while 41% buy for OEM needs.
•Over half of respondents use I/O devices for both continuous and batch processing. This is more than three times the people using such products for other applications.
•Discrete input, analog input, discrete output and analog output are the most widely used I/O modules. These types also are most common among modules planned for use.
•Eighty-three percent of respondents apply their I/O devices within PLC systems.
•The most widely used communication network is currently 4-20 mA. Results indicate that Ethernet TCP/IP will be more popular in the next year.
•About two-thirds of respondents bought I/O devices from Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation in the past 12 months.
•134 I/O devices was the average number each respondent purchased in the past 12 months.
•More than one-fourth of respondents say their purchases of I/O devices will increase in the next 12 months. An average increase of 57% was reported by this group.
•Most important to survey participants when buying I/O devices is technical support.
•Forty-five percent of Control Engineering readers responding do not receive IAN. Sixty-one percent do not receive Control Design.

I/O Devices Product Focus Study 2003