IIoT analytic solution and platform suppliers

Entrants into fast-growing market include solution specialists and platform suppliers.

By CFE Media December 17, 2016

Emerging IIoT technology markets include for sensor advances, connectivity solutions, and analytics. In just the last several years, analytics advances have had impact on many walks of life. A growing number of companies are now addressing industrial analytics use. It’s therefor safe to say that for manufacturing and process production industries, their time has come to make the most of data they already have and to garner insights they would otherwise have to do without. 

ABB Group, Ability

Recently announced partnership with Microsoft for services such as Azure IoT suite and Cortana Intelligence suite includes applications in fleet management, intelligent buildings, integrated mining, and sensing technology.

Advantech, Wise-Pacs

Advantech is partnering with Microsoft Azure as the IaaS and PccS solution provider through the Microsoft Cloud Solution provider program to offer diverse functions for IoT applications. Also offers an IoT gateway starter kit.

C3 IoT, C3 IoT Applications

Cross-industry software solutions aggregate volumes of disparate data from enterprise systems and external sources and apply advanced machine-learning algorithms for predictive, continuous analyses that culminate in actionable insights.

Cisco Systems, Industrial Network Director

Purpose-built network devices; manage with real-time maps of automation device connectivity; network information delivered in the context of the automation process; existing assets integrated through APIs; common information framework shared by operators and IT to manage the industrial network.

Dell, IoT Solutions

Overlay intelligent gateways into existing legacy equipment, control systems, and assets. Deploy edge and core analytics. Deploy intelligent gateways across communications protocol networks and in the data center and Cloud.

Emerson Process Management, Plantweb Advisor Suite

Suite applications include Health Advisor, Performance Advisor, and Energy Advisor. All leverage OSI Soft Pi System’s scalable open-data infrastructure to capture and shape data generated by equipment. The information can be vital to improving a plant’s profitability.

GE Digital, Predix Industrial Cloud Platform

A Cloud-based platform for Industrial Internet applications based on a multi-tenant gated community model to reduce equipment costs, enhances effectiveness of machine operators. Start by installing a Predix-ready field agent into your infrastructure.

Honeywell, Uniformance Suite

Software solutions that turn data into actionable information-correlates historian information with KPIs and a database all in one tool. Visualize information in an asset-centric context.

IBM, Watson IoT Platform

Easily and securely connect devices. Quickly build IoT applications that learn from the physical world. Analyze data from any source. Gain insight from huge volumes of IoT data to make better decisions and optimize operations.

INTEL, Intel IoT Platform

An end-to-end reference model and family of products that works with third-party solutions to connect devices, deliver data to the Cloud, and value through analytics. A broad spectrum of interoperable, cross eco-system IoT solutions can be bought and optimized.

Meshify, Now

Out of the box IoT solution minimizes barriers to deploy data gathering, analysis, and visualization. This product quickly connects a device to the Cloud to start analyzing data in minutes. Bundle makes use of M1 dragonfly hardware.

Microsoft, Azure IoT suite, Cortana Intelligence Suite

Predictive-analytics and machine-learning applications include remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Collect previously untapped data. Set up real-time analytics using SQL-based syntax. Integrate Azure IoT with CRM, ERP, and database applications.

OSIsoft, PI System

Discover trends and best practices in process industries using operation data in Big Data analytics; analyze and visualize data. An open infrastructure connects sensor-based data, operators, and people to enable real-time intelligence.

PTC, ThingWorx IoT Platform

Enterprise platform enables users to develop and deploy connected solutions. KEPServerEX provides a communications platform and single source of industrial automation data to multiple applications. ThingWorx agent in the IoT gateway moves industrial data from the edge into ThingWorx.

Rockwell Automation, FactoryTalk Production Centre

The connected enterprise leverages embedded intelligence and new sources of information. Partners with Cisco Systems to bring network connectivity and operations systems together holistically in a single unified network infrastructure.

SAP, IoT Solutions

Data solutions apply machine learning and integrate with core business applications of SAP S/4HANA. A "jump start" package initiates operations/business connectivity to better monitor equipment and gain operational insights. An accelerator package adds MES and control environment. 

SAS, Analytics for IOT

Whether your data is at the edge, in motion, or at rest, system supports good decision-making while reducing data transport and storage costs. Event stream processing engine handles huge volumes data at very high rates with extremely low latency.

Schneider Electric Software, ExoStructure

Architecture and platform delivers IoT-enabled solutions by leveraging connectivity and data to create controls and actionable business insights. With the combined power of analytics and closed-loop operators, enables a breadth of applications, analytics, and services on open IP protocols. 

Telit, deviceWISE for Factory

Developed to operate within the four walls of the enterprise, the platform connects and integrates production machines and processes with ERP, MES, and SCADA. Decreases installation and maintenance costs by eliminating the use of intermediate PC technology, custom programming, and homegrown solutions.

Wonderware, Industrial Information Management

As a plethora of new connected devices becomes available and the cost of instrumenting remote equipment plummets, the need for unifying systems to provide context and organize data is essential. A managed historian unlocks information. Data analysis tools make sense of industrial Big Data.

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